Welcome to FloridaServiceDogs.com.  This is a site where service dog handlers, trainers, and fanciers can look up information about service dogs and service dog organizations in the state of Florida.  There will also be forums (in the works) for people to discuss service dog related topics.

This site is not affiliated with any organization it is independent and a portal for service dog people to come and get general information on service dogs in the state of Florida.  This site is brought to you by Dog Actors.

This site was set up so service dog people could get together and talk about service dog related topics without their posts and discussions contradicting or conflicting with their respective organizations (for example, someone wanting to talk about shepherds as service dogs in an organization that only uses Labradors). There is a need for a neutral and non-affiliated site. This site is not for people to obtain a service dog nor is it a “service dog organization”, this is only an online community for people to discuss service dog topics as well as receive news about service dog related issues in the state of Florida. If you need a service dog please either contact one of the organizations linked to the left or search (on Google) for organizations in your area.

Service dog organizations are allowed (and encouraged) to post as themselves and join in discussions. Organizations can also request a link from this site to their site as well as a board on the forum. Please use the contact form in the upper left corner to request this (links will be provided free of charge). Please include contact information as well as your web address and a shot sentence describing your organization when submitting the request.

Providing links to or supplying boards on our forums is in no way a sign of an affiliation with that organization nor is it an endorsement. People are encouraged to do their own research when looking for a service dog provider or trainer.

This site is still under construction so please check back.

6 Responses to Welcome

  • frank catania says:

    like to regester or cert. service dog in florida I am self traning how do I do this

    • flsd says:

      Hello Frank,

      There are no “certifications” or registration for service dogs (but some trainers like to use the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and PAT (Public Access Test) as a guide for their training (and the certifications are icing on the cake). To be a service dog, the dog needs to be trained in tasks that are not something that a pet would do (mobility assistance, stabilization, guide, etc.. are all “service dog” tasks, while behaving, loving, etc. are all “pet” characteristics – hence why emotional support dogs are not considered “service dogs” since what they do is what any good pet should do).

  • Mel Fine says:

    I am a resident in a Senior Facility in Lauderhill, FL. I have always had my Service Dog with me wherever I go, as I lose my balance and he stops me from falling.
    In the Dining Room, He sits or lays under the table. In the Morning, I feed him 4 small slices of Banana. At Supper, I feed him four breadsticks.. This keeps him satisfied and content until we go to our apartment where he gets hi full meal.
    I have been doing this for almost 3 years. Now, a new manager has taken issue with this and says I should not feed him in the Dining Room. The dog is the favorite resident in this facility of several hundred people and often I allow neighbors to feed him these little Treats. It has been a Fun thing and we all feel that he is out of line.

    CAN HE DO THIS,? or is my ServiceDog exempt??

    • flsd says:

      Hello Mel,

      This is a rather interesting situation. While service dogs do have the same access as a regular patron (which doesn’t seem to be the issue here) I am not sure what the ruling would be on this. There is something in the ADA service dog information that if the service dog is a nuisance it can be excused – but it sounds like the dog is not being an obvious nuisance (I’m assuming he’s lying under the table the entire time and you feed him under the table?). Even though it isn’t obvious, some may consider a nuisance.

      I’m going to have to ask around about this. Personally, I do not think the management can say anything with you feeding the dog (as long as it isn’t a nuisance or messy) but this is a “fine line” situation. I’ll get back to you on this.

  • Mel Fine says:

    Junior, who is a mix of Golden Retriever and weighs 28 lbs. is extremely well behaved. He has never barked or made noise and is known as the most popular resident here in Forest Trace. Up until now, my problem has been stopping people from sneaking food to him. What suddenly got in to this manager is beyond me. He knows vey well how good Junior is, and has witnessed how he has stopped me from falling when I lose my balance, which happens very often. We have lived here almost 3 years with no problem, when suddenly he comes up with these new rules. Junior is the first dog ever allowed here and we had to prove that he is a legitimate SERVICE Dog. Since then, a few small dogs have been allowed, but none can live anywhere except in their apartment, while Junior, by Law, can go anywhere that I can.
    He has only been allowed 4 small slices of Banana in the morning, and for the evening meal treat, he gets 2 to 4 small, thin Breadsticks. These are the only treats he gets in the Dining Room. He has never been allowed to eat from the table, nor has he ever tried to do so. He is known as a perfect gentleman. All of the Managers I have told about this, have shaken their heads in disagreement.

    • flsd says:

      Hello Mel, sorry for the slow response, things have been busy and I’ve been waiting to hear back from other people.

      First, I need to make it clear none of these people are attorneys / lawyers and if you want a 100% legal answer you should conduct an attorney who is knowledgeable with service dog laws (like an ADA lawyer).

      None of them see an issue with you feeding the dog under the table. The SD is behaving, he is not begging, and he is not being a nuisance in any way. I’m assuming he isn’t making any loud noises while eating, etc. If I hear differently from anyone I will let you know.

      I also took out your two comments that have your email and phone # (I don’t think it is a good idea to have those posted to the public).

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